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Kalki Jayanti Rituals, Significance, Puja Mantra and Muhurat

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Kalki Jayanti Celebrated on 5th August 2019

It is said in the scriptures that when Kaliyuga is at its peak then Lord Vishnu will take the form of 10th Avatar Kalki. Lord Vishnu has taken nine incarnations so far and these incarnations were in Tretayuga, Satyuga and Dwapar era. It has been told in the Puranas that in Kalyuga, he will be born on the fifth date of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month. Let's know what the words in the scriptures about their incarnation

Every day in Hinduism, some fast or festival is celebrated. Apart from these fasts and festivals, they have their special day on the incarnation day of God. Which is celebrated with great enthusiasm? According to Hindu scriptures, there have been nine incarnations till now in the Treta, Satyuga and Dwapara Yuga of Lord Vishnu and the tenth avatar is awaited. According to the Puranas, when the Kali-yuga is at its peak, then the Lord will incarnate on this earth in his tenth incarnation as Lord Kalki. It has been told in the Puranas that Lord Kalki will be born on the fifth date of the bright fortnight of Saavan month and a new creation will be created by the end of Kali Yuga. Based on this, every year in the month of Sawan, Shukla Paksha is celebrated as Kalki Jayanti.


At this place:

According to the purana, Lord Vishnu will embody Kalki Lord as his tenth incarnation in the last phase of Kali Yuga. According to the Puranas, Lord Kalki will take birth in a Brahmin family named Vishnuishasha on the place named Sambhal of Muradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Lord Kalki, riding a white horse, will destroy the sinners and protect the religion again.

This incident is mentioned in the 24th verse of the 12th Skanda of Srimadgavata Mahapuran, according to which the Lord Kalki will be born when Guru, Surya and the Moon together enter the Pushya Nakshatra.

According to mythological belief, the incarnation of Lord Kalki will take place in the last time of Kali Yuga. As soon as his incarnation takes place, the golden age will begin. Kali Yuga started with the departure of Lord Krishna. The reign of Nanda dynasty increased the Kali Yuga, while the incarnation of Lord Kalki would end Kali Yuga. The period of Kaliyug is stated to be 4, 32,000 years. Currently, 5,119 years of Kali Yuga have been completed.

Auspicious time for Kalki Jayanti:

Along with all the rituals, the importance of worship is very important for Kalki Jayanti when they are performed at the most relevant and lucky time of the day. You can see the auspicious Muhurta starting with festivities and rituals for Kalki Puja with Chaughadiya before.

Importance of Kalki Jayanti:

  • In Lord Bhagavatam, Kalki is recognized as the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which will appear to end the present stage of Kalyug and bring back the true age.
  • Devotees worship Lord Vishnu for his blessings and pray and they also ask for forgiveness for all their bad deeds or sins.
  • Devotees also pray for a peaceful life and ask for blessings because they are not sure when the end will come?
  • People fast on this day to ensure their painless and peaceful end of life.
  • Kalki is considered to be one of the most ferocious incarnations of Lord Vishnu which symbolizes the end of mankind.
  • Devotees worship and keep fasting to seek liberation because they feel that the end is near and therefore it is advisable to ask for mercy for their sins before the end.
  • Kalki symbolizes the eight highest qualities of the deities and their main purpose is the liberation of a faithless world. Kaliyug is considered as the age of darkness where religion and belief are ignored by the people and they forget their objective in materialistic ambition and greed.
  • It is believed that after killing various corrupt kings, Lord Kalki will instill a sense of devotion in the hearts of humans. People will start following the path of righteousness and the era of purity and faith will return again.

Rituals of Kalki Jayanti:

  • On the festival of Kalki Jayanti, people fast throughout the day.
  • People chant various mantras such as Narayana Mantra, Vishnu Sahasranama and chanting of other mantras 108 times to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • Beginning the fast, the devotees chant the Bija Mantra and then worship it.
  • The idols of the deities are also washed with panchamrit along with water. Various names of Lord Vishnu are chanted.
  • It is important to donate food to Brahmins on the day of Kalki Jayanti.

Kalki Jayanti is an important Hindu festival which celebrates the end of Kalyug and the re-establishment of the true age. This is the reason that this festival has such importance in Hindu culture and religion..

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