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Why do we celebrate Friendship Day on First Sunday of August

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Friendship Day Celebrated on 4th August 2019

The Greatest Gift of Life

We chat every day. Sometimes a serious conversation, and other times quite a silly one. A person without friends is indeed like coffee without sugar. It exactly tastes bitter. Be it happiness or sadness that one person who forever stays on our side is our FRIEND. Though we celebrate Friendship day on a particular day, we enjoy the entire 365 days with our friends. But realising the priceless role of our friends in our life makes the friendship day special.

When we date back a thousand years, we would appreciate that Friendship was greatly valued since the beginning of civilization. To honour friendship, the US Congress in 1935 declared the first Sunday of August as the 'FRIENDSHIP DAY'. However, in April 2011 the United Nations officially declared 30th July as 'International Friendship Day'. Although most countries including India, celebrate friendship day on 1st Sunday of August.  This year we will celebrate '4th August' (First Sunday of August) as Friendship Day.

Happy Friendship Day

Who are Friends?

Our classmates? Or same age group people? Or from the same denomination? Or a stranger eventually turns friend? Nothing specified above is friendship. Each and every person in this world has their own definition of Friendship. Friendship is not a feeling that only happens among classmates or same age group.  Every parent is a friend to his child. Although it is vital to discipline kids, being friendly with them will be the best ever gift that your child will get.

Good friends are like stars, they’re always there but you don’t always see them. Sometimes we fail to realise that we do have friends. When you are perplexed about whether he or she is my friend, simply ask one question to yourself. Do I feel lost and lonely? If your answer is yes, sorry you don't have a true friend. But, do find them because apart from Family, the only relationship that paints your life with colours are your Friends.

freindship day quotation

It is furthermore true that not all of them that surrounds us are our friends. For many of us, in spite of having a lot of friends, we feel lonely and most of the time it’s them who make us feel uncomfortable. They aren’t our true friends. True friends always make you feel better. If you feel that we are more exaggerating about friendship, then we have the science to back up ourselves which states that people with more friends live longer, happier and have a healthy life than those who don’t. Friends indeed bring new energy to your soul.

Why Friendship day is so important?

Friendship, a very special bond between persons. A friend is the only person who can understand what is going on in your mind even without uttering a word. Sometimes they even know you better than yourself. Friends are our encyclopaedia, our Google, our teacher, our motivator, our doctor, our financier, our psychiatrist as well. A friend is one who supports and encourages you when the whole world is against you. Friends are boxes of surprise gifts. When we are together with our friends, even without our consciousness we kick out shyness and awkwardness from us. They teach you to socialise well with society.


Hereby we understand that a true friend is really important in everyone's life. That is why Friendship Day seems to be more special for us to celebrate with our special one.

So friendship day is nearing, and it’s time for you to treat those gems who made you happy each day. Here are some beautiful ways to celebrate Friendship Day with your friends and make it an unforgettable one.

Plan for a Movie: If you guys are a movie buff then grab tickets for a perfect movie. No matter what sort of movie it is, you will enjoy as your friends stay around.

Plan for a great Restaurant: Get together in a good restaurant and enjoy your meals with your friends.

Make DIY cards for your friends: Be creative and make beautiful DIY cards. DIY gifts are the perfect way to showcase the feeling of your heart. Don’t forget to make a friendship band for your friends.

Plan for a Trip: There might be some places where you guys wish to go but haven’t. Friendship day will be the best day to visit those places along with your friends. Don’t forget to plan your trip beforehand.

Prepare a Friendship day video: Combination of unforgettable pictures of your friend along with their favourite music will produce a heart touching video that expresses your love towards your friends.

Now it’s your time to colour the lives of your friends by showing them how much you love. Plan for the auspicious day and make the day a memorable one.

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Happy Friendship Day
Happy Friendship Day

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