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National Voluntary Blood Donation Day - Be a Hero Give Blood

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National Voluntary Blood Donation Day Celebrated on 1st October 2019

The purpose of this is to make people aware of the importance of blood in human life. It was first celebrated in the year 1975 on 1st of October. The Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology celebrate the National Blood Day. Four years ago, in the same month of October 1971 on the 22nd date, the Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology was first established. The key people in the establishment of this society were Mrs. K. Swaroop Krishen and Dr. J. G. Jolly.

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

Why Celebrate Blood Donation Day

The only purpose of this National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is to encourage our youth to donate blood so that it can be used in the future. There should always be a stock of blood in the hospital and in the blood bank so that the lives of many people can be saved. We have seen many cases in which due to the lack of availability of blood the life of a person couldn’t be saved. A father loses his daughter due to lack of blood. A mother loss his son due to unavailability of the blood. Sister losses his brother due to lack of availability of the same group of blood in their nearest blood bank. We, as a society can contribute very much if we donate blood and save lives. Maybe you don’t know whose life you will save by donating blood but their blessings will always remain with you.

In the modern world of today, most people remain busy with their life and work. Today’s generation is so much involved in the current scenarios and responsibilities that they forget about their health and face many harmful health problems. By donating blood and helping society is considered a good act but not many people take part in this and they keep making more and more money and compromises with their health. To remain healthy, many people even at the age of 45 donate blood. Donating blood is considered to be unhealthy by many people. But scientifically it has been proven that by donating blood not only you will help a person in need but also your respiratory system gets recycled and new blood starts to form in your body.

As the traffic and vehicles are increasing day-by-day,  we see too many road accidents occurring. Some of the accidents cause people to lose their lives on the spot as the accidents are very much fatal. And many people lose their lives as the help is not available on time. In fact, in a total of all the people died in the world,  around 2.2% of the people die because of road accidents. In such cases of a road accident, it is the very critical situation and a person has lost their blood and if the blood is not supplied to their body then the life of the person remains at risk. A single car victim can require as much as 100 unit of blood.

According to the recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, only 9 million units are collected annually in India while the requirement is of around 12 million units. Each year India faces an average shortage of around 3 million units. That is 3 million units that mean 30 lakh unit of blood is the current shortage of blood. India with a population of more than 130 crores requires more blood donors than any other countries in the world.

National Voluntary Blood Donation day is an initiative to make people donate their blood so that the gap of 3 million unit can be filled. It is not done by the sole purpose of their personal benefit but to save the lives of the people.

What is done on this day

People conduct events and calls on stage a medical specialist to give a speech about the importance of donating blood. By donating blood what is the type of benefit a person can have? They conduct many lectures so that people can get awareness about the importance of donating blood and it is completely fine. There is no harm in donating blood. Everybody can donate blood under certain age limit and have a certain weight and only if he/she is physically healthy and fit and does not have any health problems.

On this day many campaign and places were selected for people where he or she can donate their blood and get a proper guideline from the doctor about their health. One such campaign is Sankalp India Foundation. This foundation celebrates this blood donation by organizing the event of blood donation drives. This foundation was first started in 2007. On 29th and 30th of September, 2016 at ITPB Sankalp India Foundation had taken the opportunity to celebrate the event by organizing blood donation drives. Around 8000 units have been collected. Within those two days around 225 units of blood were collected. If more people are going to come together to donate blood, then the problem of the shortage of blood will disappear in no time. And, if proper knowledge and awareness are spread among people, then more and more people will come forward for donating blood. Sankalp India Foundation is helping society by providing a platform for many people to donate their blood and save the lives of many people.

The National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is also celebrated in many colleges and schools. The students of the colleges and schools are motivated to donate their blood. These students do not think about life to save and make this blood accessible to all. So to encourage them they were given marks as the bonus by giving their blood. Many students donate blood and this blood will be saved in different pouch according to the blood group and will be sent to different blood banks where it is required. Once the student donates blood they feel weak and find it difficult to stand properly and walk, a particular coordinator is there to look for a particular student and also they are given tea and a biscuit and make them sit and eat for a while and then let them go. Doctors are always there to help in case the situation gets really worst.

There is also proper care that is being looked into before donating blood. A student should be above 50 kg of weight and should not have any kind of weakness. A proper procedure is followed before donating blood so that it doesn’t harm the student and the person in the future who is receiving the blood. All actions and procedure are taken very carefully and with great attention so that the process can go smoothly and with more efficiently.

Benefits of Donating Blood

We often hear that we should donate blood to save other people’s life. And in a certain way, it is an act of kindness as well. The average blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 pints. When someone donates blood they usually provide 1 pint of blood per donation. And it is around 100 pints of blood required for a single car accident victim. But beside this, there are other health benefits of donating blood. Let’s see some of the health benefits of donating blood.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

Consistent donation of blood after a certain period of time can reduce the risk of cancer that includes colon, throat, liver and lung cancer. This is because the iron present in the body is responsible to increase free-radical which damages the body. When blood is donated, it reduces the oxidant stress as iron is released from the bloodstream.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a research was held among 1200 people. This group of people was split into a group of two. One group was allowed to donate blood at a regular time interval, thus reduced their stores of blood. While on the other hand, the second group was not allowed to donate their blood. The period for this research was four and a half year. After the completion of the period, it was observed that the group of the people who donated blood have lower iron levels than the other group and as a result, the group which donated blood have a lower risk of cancer.

  • Cardiovascular health

Less amount of iron in the blood cells does not only reduce the risk of cancer but it also decreases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. It has been found that a person who donates blood regularly have 88 percent of fewer chances of heart attacks than those who did not donate blood at all.

  • Free Body Check-Up

In the process of donating blood, there is a set of checkups that you should perform so that there should be unaffected blood. There should not be any diseases or virus in your blood, then only it is fit for use. The donor gets free checkup of their blood and gets to know that if any type of disease is present or not.

  • Burn calories

In the process of donating blood, it is estimated that we burn approximately 650 calories. By burning this much amount of calories the weight of a person is decreased. But there is a danger as it is not the right way to reduce the weight of a person. The donation of the blood should be done at least once in a period of 3 months. It is just an extra information.

  • Make you feel good about yourself

There is no better feeling in the world than to feel good about yourself. This feeling comes from doing some useful work that will be beneficial to society. By donating blood you don’t know how can a life of a particular person be saved. It’s the feeling of pride that you have saved someone’s life. Your blood is being used for the person who is in tremendous need of it. By coming ahead for a donation of the blood you know from inside that you are making a difference in this world. You are doing something really great and amazing that will be useful for others.

The myth about Blood Donation

1. Vegetarian people do not have enough iron in their body so it is not suitable for them to donate blood. It is completely wrong. The amount of iron the body needs is taken from body stores. Once a person is set up to have their proper diet the body automatically have a sufficient amount of iron and it is completely fine to donate blood. Being strictly vegetarian has nothing to do with donating blood.

2.  Many other harmful viruses and diseases can attack us while donating blood such as HIV and other diseases. In the process of donation of blood, there is a set of instructions that are followed and great care is taken so that no such affected needles and injections should be there on the table. Once the donation of one person is over then the injections, needles and other medical things are thrown in the dustbin so that there should not be any infection to a person who is donating blood.

3.  There is a limit that up to that age only you can donate blood. It is completely a myth. Anyone up to the age of 60 can donate blood provided the person should be healthy. There is no such limit to donate blood and anyone who is willing to donate their blood is completely free to donate it. Age has nothing to do with it.

4.  Your health will be affected once you have donated blood. It is not true. If you are healthy before the donation of the blood then you will be healthy within a matter of a few hours. But once you have donated blood there used to be a weakness for a few minutes as your body cannot hold the loss of fluid. Drinking more water can replace the lost fluid and within a day you are active again.

5.  Being of mixed race does not have effective blood. It is completely false. Being a mixed race has nothing to do with donating blood. All human beings are equal it is we human only who had created race and caste. A person from the pure caste or race his or her blood is as effective as of a person from the mixed race.

Hope you will all take part in National Voluntary Blood Donation Day and give your valuable contribution to the society by donating blood.

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