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All You Need to Know About the Rose Day in Valentine Week

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Rose Day is celebrated on 7th February every year

Love is a beautiful emotion. It is a mixture of feelings and actions that shows a deep liking for someone or something.



To express our love to someone, no particular occasion is required. We can convey it at any time. But every year, a week is dedicated to all the love birds to express their love to the ones they love.

So new couples or lovers express their love for their loved ones during valentine's week. Valentine's week starts with Rose day. Rose day is celebrated on February 7th every year.

Celebration of Rose Day originated from Western culture. But it is now celebrated in India by young people with enthusiasm. If we observe the letters in the word 'rose', it is same as 'Eros' - the god of love. So we consider rose as the symbol of love.

On this day, we gift a rose to our loved ones as a token of love. As a part of valentine's week, this day is an opportunity for youngsters to create new friendships or relationship and to convey their feelings as well.

Different colour of rose indicates a different feeling. On the rose day, depending on the feeling that we want to convey, we choose the colour of the rose and gift it to our loved ones.

The red rose represents love. Gifting a red rose is the best way to say 'I love you'.

Yellow rose represents friendship. Gifting a yellow rose indicate that you want a healthy and long-lasting friendship with that person.

A white rose is the symbol of peace, purity and unity. A white rose shared between two people indicates the beginning of a brand new love story. That is why white roses are used in weddings.

Lavender Rose represents love at first sight. Gifting a lavender rose is the best way to tell your love at first sight.

Pink rose is for courting someone for a relationship. Gifting a pink rose is the best way of telling that you are grateful for having that person in your life.

Orange Rose represents passion and gratitude. Gifting an orange rose to your loved one's shows them that you are passionate and excited with your relationship with them.

An interesting things is that, the number of roses you give to your loved one's also signifies something:

1. Giving One rose indicates love at first sight.

2. Giving two roses represents your proposal for marriage.

3. Giving six roses represents passion and infatuation.

4. Giving twelve roses is the best way to ask your love to be yours.

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