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Importance of National Festival of Van Mahotsav week

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Van Mahotsav Celebrated on 1st July to 7th July

Have you ever thought about how our earth would be without trees? Can’t imagine right? There won't be oxygen on earth. If there is no oxygen on earth, there won't be life on earth. So to create the awareness and importance of trees, a program called Van Mahotsav was launched. Let's know more in detail about why the program of van Mahotsav was launched and why do we need to create awareness among the people about preservation of forests, benefits of planting trees and harm caused by deforestation.


van mahotsav

Day by day cutting down of trees has been increasing in the name of urbanization for constructing flyovers, roads, buildings, etc. which is reducing the purity of air. If this continues, there would be a heavy loss to us and the earth. People need to know the importance of preservation of forests and increase the trees on earth.

In 1950, Sri K. M. Munshi the then Union Minister for Agriculture and Food has launched the program Van Mahotsav. Van Mahotsav means 'the festival of trees'.  During this program Saplings are planted. Monsoon in India begins in the first week of July. It is considered as the ideal time for planting saplings. Saplings that are planted during this time have more chances of survival. So they have chosen July first week for the celebration of Van Mahotsav.

Van Mahotsav is considered as the annual tree planting festival. It is celebrated in all parts of India between 1st July and 7th July. Van Mahotsav is originated in July 1947 after a successful tree plantation drive that was held in Delhi. Our national leaders like Abdul Kalam Azad, Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr Rajendra Prasad have participated in it. This program has gained significant importance throughout these years. Millions of trees are planted during this program across India. This program has raised the awareness of conservation of trees and highlights the need for planting trees.

Importance of Trees:

We know that trees take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen that helps us to survive. If there is more number of trees, there would be more oxygen in our air. If we cut down trees, the percentage of oxygen in the air decreases which would be unsuitable for breathing. Trees even clean the air by absorbing pollutants. They prevent pollution in the air.

Trees also keep our surroundings cool by reducing the temperature. Shade from trees reduces water evaporation. That means they become the sources to save water. It is believed that patients who are surrounded by the view of trees out of the window, are healed faster than others patients with less complications.

Apart from giving us fruits and vegetables, trees even provide shelter for birds and wildlife. They even provide wood for making furniture, sporting equipment, tools, papers, household items, wooden crafts, etc. which increases the economic opportunities.

Trees are useful for controlling the climate by managing the effects of sun, rain and wind. They are very essential in balancing the ecosystem in nature. All these are the uses of trees on earth. If we cut them without a second thought, we would have to face many problems in future. Cutting of trees leads to deforestation.

Some of the Effects of deforestation:

Air would become pollutant. That pollutant air would not be suitable for breathing. People would have to develop gas filters to separate the oxygen left in the air. Deforestation also affects the soil. Soil becomes lifeless, pollutant and dangerous with all the chemicals that are filtered by trees. It also leads to drought. Those lands will not be suitable for cultivation. It may also lead to top soil erosion. The areas that have no trees will not have moisture in the air.

Tree based products will be decreased. We get many products from trees namely paper, bats, books, benches, coffee filters, guitars, grocery bags, pencils, pine oil, billboards, buttons, fuel wood, charcoal, industrial round wood, candy wrappers, chewing gum, rubber, tires, waxes, toilet paper, etc. All these products production will be decreased which will reduce our economic opportunities. This may also leads to scarcity of food.

Due to deforestation, the level of freshwater resources available will become scarce in the future. This may lead to water wars. These are some of the harms that are caused by cutting down trees. So we need to stop deforestation. With this point of view Van Mahotsav program continued every year.

Some of the main objectives of Van Mahotsav are:

1. To increase the production of fruits and food resources of our country

2. To prevent soil erosion by holding large amount of soil to one place

3. To Increase awareness about deforestation and its causes

4. To increase the number of trees

5. To reduce air pollution

6. To prevent global warming

7. To increase the economic opportunities

8. To reduce the temperature

9. To support wildlife

10. To improve the air quality

11. To increase the quality of life

12. To prevent floods

13. To improve water quality by planting trees near the lakes and rivers

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We have seen about the importance of trees and are aware that how trees contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate change, conserving water, preserving soil, supporting wildlife, etc. We have also seen the causes and effects of deforestation and learned the objectives of Van Mahotsav. So we need to save trees and spread the importance of trees and harms that are caused by deforestation.

We must also participate in the celebration of Van Mahotsav every year by planting trees around us. Not only planting trees, it is also our responsibility to take care of them. We must also encourage our neighbors and people around us to participate in Van Mahotsav. So let’s make our earth green and live a happy and peaceful life by increasing trees.

“Planting a tree today makes the life of the earth much longer.”

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