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World Cancer Day Theme and Motto


World Cancer Day Celebrated on 4th February Every Year

This day was founded by UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) with a goal to reduce illness and deaths caused by Cancer. The main motto of this day is to save millions of lives by spreading awareness on it.



UICC organized World Cancer Day for the first time in 2006 to reduce cancer deaths. From then every year World Cancer Day is organized with a theme.

Here are the themes of UICC:

1.The theme for World Cancer Day 2007 - Today’s children, tomorrow’s world.

2. The theme for World Cancer Day 2008 - Give children and young people smoke-free environment.

3. The theme for World Cancer Day 2009 - I love my healthy active childhood.

4. The theme for World Cancer Day 2010 - Vaccinating to prevent virus-related liver cancer.

5. The theme for World Cancer Day 2011 - Teaching children and teenagers to limit their sun exposures by being sun smart.

6. The theme for World Cancer Day 2012 - Together it is possible.

7. The theme for World Cancer Day 2013 - Cancer – Did you know?

8. The theme for World Cancer Day 2014 - Debunk the myths

9. The theme for World Cancer Day 2015 - No beyond us

10.The theme for World Cancer Day 2016 to 2018 - We can, I can.

11. The theme for World Cancer Day 2019 to 2021 - I Am and I Will.

From the year 2016, a three-year campaign is introduced by believing that a multi-year campaign offers a chance to create a long-lasting impact on the public, giving more opportunities for spreading the awareness of cancer.

The theme for World Cancer Day 2019 to 2021 - "I Am and I Will" is a call for personal commitment to reduce the cancer victims by joining support groups and creating a positive impact on cancer affected people.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a life-threatening disease. It can affect anyone irrespective of age. Cancer is developed in our body, when new abnormal cells grow out of control, while the old cells do not die. This is gradually spread all over the body creating serious illness.

Cancer has become one of the biggest health issues in the world. Millions of people around the world are suffering from cancer every year. A few years ago cancer was a cure-less disease. Many people died due to cancer. Years of research resulted in some treatment methods of cancer. But still, it cannot be cured completely. So cancer is an international issue to which doctors and scientists are trying to find an ultimate solution. Some cancers can be identified at an early stage. This helps to improve the chances of successful treatment with less cost.

It is estimated that every year around 9 million people die from cancer. From that, at least 3 million lives could be saved if we implement effective measures for prevention, early detection and treatment to cancer.

People suffering from Cancer is sometimes ignored by their family members and friends for various reasons. Some cancer patients are ignored because treatment for cancer is very expensive while some others are ignored because of our misconception. But the truth is that diseased people need more support and love of others to recover soon. It helps the person to develop will power to fight with the disease. So we perform World Cancer Day every year to educate people with every information about Cancer and to cultivate a better attitude towards the people.

There are different types of cancers. Some of them are breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, etc. Symptoms of cancer may vary depending on the type of cancer developed.   Treatment of cancer may be done by chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Some of the causes of cancer are:


Tobacco consumption

non-nutritious diet


No physical activities like exercising, etc.

Environmental pollution

Work-related to carcinogens

Exposure to Radiations.

Some of the symptoms of Cancer:

Sore throat, frequent coughing, difficulty in swallowing while eating

Uncontrolled lumps in the body

The flow of blood from any part of our body

No recovery of any wound for a long time

Gaining or losing weight without any reason

Loss of appetite

Feeling ill always

How to prevent Cancer?

We can help ourself from preventing cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices such as avoiding tobacco products, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol, etc.

Most effective steps to prevent cancer is by reducing the chances of exposure to cancer-related risk factors such as infections, environmental pollution, work related to carcinogens, exposure to other radiations.

We must be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer, early detection guidelines. Finding cancer in the early stages makes the treatment easy.

We need to support cancer patients to share their own cancer experience.

We need to encourage schools, colleges and workplaces to implement nutrition, physical activity and no smoking policies that help people to adopt healthy habits for life.

We also need to discourage rumours and myths that are leading to discrimination against people with cancer. We need to create awareness among the people by conducting camps on this issue. We must educate people on preventing cancer.

So, on World Cancer Day, government and non-governmental health organizations make many strategies to build a proper idea and plan to fight against Cancer Disease. Also, some people come forward voluntarily and conduct events and walks to raise awareness about cancer and its preventions. When people know about the causes, symptoms, treatment and preventions, they can handle this disease in a better way.

Some of the activities and events that are conducted on World Cancer day are:

Television, radio, online and newspaper advertisements that focus on the fight against cancer.

Conducting campaigns that are targeted to help people in minimizing the risk of cancer.

Organizing breakfast, lunch or dinner aimed at raising funds for cancer patients and projects that help to fight against cancer.

Giving video presentations, sticking poster about cancer awareness at public places.

Distribution of information kits, fact sheets, booklets, pamphlets that promotes cancer awareness, prevention and treatment.

People across the world take various initiatives to support cancer fighters in different ways. One such initiative that was found in these days is "NoHairSelfie". Under this initiative, people shave their heads and donate their hair for cancer patients undergoing treatment. Another such initiative is people tie different colour ribbons to spread awareness on different cancer. As cancer is a very expensive disease, some people even collect funds and donate them to cancer patients.

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