• START - - -
  • Om lambodaraya vidmahe, mahodaraya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • Om mahakarnay vidmahe, vakratundaya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • Om ekadantaya vidmahe, vakratundaya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • Om tathapurusaya vidmahe, vakratundaya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • - - - END |

Vighnaraja Avatar of Lord Ganesha to Destroy Demon Mamtasur


Vighnaraj Mantra:

"विघ्नराजावताराश्च शेषवाहन उच्येत |
ममतासुर हन्ता स विष्णुब्रह्मेति वाचकः || "

"vighnaraajaavataaraashch sheshavaahan uchyate.
mamataasur hanta sa vishnubrahmeti vaachak."

Story of Vighnaraj :

This avatar of Lord Ganesha as Vighnaraj is one of the most fascinating stories of all. Lord Ganesha took this avatar to defeat a demon called Mamtasur and His Bahan in thus avatar was Seshnag or a serpent. One fine day, Goddess Parvati was having a good time with Her friends and laughed out loud in a playful mode, and out of Her laughter, a handsome male form was created. Goddess Parvati asked the male who he is and what he wants. He replied saying that he was created out of her playful laughter and asked how he could serve Her. Goddess Parvati named the newly created male as Mama and instructed him to worship Lord Ganesha with sincere dedication as He is the one who could fulfill all his wishes and desires. Mama left for the forest to meditate on Lord Ganesha but on the way to the forest, he came across Sambara asura who successfully convinced him to into the Asuric cult and initiated him into the demonic ways of worshiping. Sambasura also taught him evil powers and got his daughter, Mohini, married to him. Sambasura further instructed Mama or Mamasura to meditate to Lord Ganesha, please Him and ask for the lordship of all the three worlds. He meditated Lord Ganesha with sincerity and finally, Lord Ganesha was pleased with his efforts and granted him many powers which he started using against the deities with the permission of Shukracharya. He started creating unrest and the devas who were exiled from their worlds, prayed to Lord Ganesha to intervene and save them from destruction. Hence, Lord Ganesha appeared as Vighnaraja and killed the demon of attachment, Mamasura. This incarnation of Lord Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.  

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