• START - - -
  • Om lambodaraya vidmahe, mahodaraya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • Om mahakarnay vidmahe, vakratundaya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • Om ekadantaya vidmahe, vakratundaya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • Om tathapurusaya vidmahe, vakratundaya dhimahi,
  • Tano danti prachodayat. |
  • - - - END |

Vikata Avatar of Lord Ganesha to Destroy Demon Kamasura


Vikata Mantra:

"विकटो नाम विख्यातः कामासुर्विदाहकः |
मयुरवाहनश्चायं सौरब्रह्मधरः स्मृतः || "

"vikato naam vikhya to kaamaasurvidyah
mayooravachanashchaiv saubrahmadharah smrtah."

Story of Vikata :

The next avatar of Lord Ganesha was that of Vikata and He had taken this avatar to subdue the demon of desire, Kamasura. Like the other avatars, in this avatar too Lord Ganesha possessed the body of a human being and head of an elephant. A divine peacock served as Lord Ganesha’s Vahan in this avatar.

A demon named Kamasura who was the embodiment of Lost was created out of the seeds of Lord Vishnu. Like in the case of all other demons, Kamasura too was accepted by the preceptor, Sukracharya as his disciple.

Kamasura performed penance on Lord Shiva and after many many years, Lord Shiva was finally pleased and He blessed Kamasura as a result of which he became the ruler of all the three lokas. He got married to the daughter of Mahishasura, Trishna and had two sons named Soshana and Dushpoora.

During the rule of Kamasura, the Devas were being tormented and they eventually seek assistance from Mudgala Rishi. He recommended them to meditate the “Om” mantra at a place called Mayuresa Kshetra. The devas did as they were advised and after being pleased with the devotion of the devas, Lord Ganesha appeared as Vikata and listened to their difficulties, the reason for their sadness. He defeated the demon of lust, Kamasura and saved the three lokas.  

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