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The power of goddess Santoshi Mata Vrat during periods

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The power of goddess Santoshi Mata Vrat during periods

The power of Santoshi Mata:

Santoshi Maa is Lord Ganesha and his wife Riddhi and Siddhi's daughter. Santoshi Maa was blessed with Narad. She has the power to satisfy all the desires of those who worship her with a true heart and all devotion. Friday is considered the day of Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa is the most respected in the north of the country and includes Nepal. The goddess is worshiped mainly by women. They perform vrata, which means a fast of the day to please the goddess. The total number of vrata that women must do to please the goddess is 16. On 16th Friday, you must fast to please the goddess.

Santoshi Maa is known as Devi throughout the county. She has a sword and a golden pot. She also has Trishul. Santoshi Maa had several temples dedicated to her in various parts of the country. She was mentioned as the daughter of Lord Ganesh in mythology. She was born because Ganesh's two sons called Labh and Subh, who wanted their sister to celebrate Rakhi. The popularity of Santoshi Maa began to increase in 1975 when a movie about the legend of the goddess was released. This led to the popularity of the goddess in modern India, and more and more women began to worship this goddess and all her wishes were fulfilled.


Santoshi Mata Vrat:

Santoshi Maa’s malformation means that a woman worshiping her fasts and eats only one meal a day, 16 times on Friday. This meal should be taken after the puja has been placed and at night. During the day, believers may eat water and light fruits. A devotee should not eat sour or bitter food during the day. To please her, provide the goddess with rice, incense, a bowl of raw sugar, and roasted chickpeas. From Friday 16th, followers must hold the audyapan ceremony. In this ceremony, believers thank the goddess and decide not to do any more vrata. On this day, believers must provide eight children with festive food and gifts according to their abilities. The devotee must prevent children from eating sour or bitter food during the day. Otherwise, the expression will fail. 

Santoshi Mata Vrata Katha :

Vrata Katha is an obligation that believers cast to delight the goddess every Friday. Vrata Katha talks about the power of the goddess and how she should be worshiped. The story tells how the goddess Santoshi Maa became popular. There was a grandmother who had seven children. Of all the children, the youngest was the most irresponsible. The old lady gave the youngest son the rest of the other children's food. The wife of the youngest son knew this and didn't like it. She told her husband what was happening. The youngest son left the house very angry.

He participated in the business of a rich merchant and worked hard. Through hard work and dedication, he became rich. The youngest son's wife was with her in-law. She was tortured by them and was very sad. Her husband was busy in his life and forgot her completely. The wife heard about the goddess's 16 Vratas and performed with all her might. Santoshi Maa was satisfied with his wife's dedication and appeared in her husband's dream. She told her husband that his wife was very sad and needed his help.

Soon, her husband returned home and built a new home for his wife. She was happy and glad to see that her husband was now rich. The couple was very happy, and the wife decided to perform an audyapan ritual. She invited 8 children and prepared meals for them. In-laws learned about the audyapan ritual, and the audyapan ritual did not complete, resulting in sour food. The tragedy fell on the couple when the audyapan ceremony failed.

The wife decided that she would do vrata again and also do the audyapan ceremony. She completed it successfully and eventually her husband was released. She also needed a son. The goddess decided to test his wife's dedication and make him appear scared. All other members of the family fled her from fear of him, but his followers could recognize that the terrible woman was herself, Santoshi Maa. She worshiped the goddess and thanked all the help.

The in-law returned and asked what happened. They apologized to the youngest son and his wife. They also decided to start worshiping the goddess. Some experts believe that the story is just a popular tradition that has been passed from one generation to another. Experts say that the name of the character that makes it more difficult to believe that this is a true story is not mentioned. Katha also does not mention the origin of Santoshi Maa and that she is the daughter of Lord Ganesh. Many feel that Santoshi Maa is an extension of Ganesh Lord and is popular as a god.

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