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Lord Krishna - Famous as god of love and faith

Story of  Lord Krishna Avatar


Lord Krishna was a cowherd and the eight avatars of Vishnu is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. The famous holy book of Hinduism Bhagavad Gita is spoken by Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

Know about Krishna Avatar -8th Avatar of lord Vishnu

Lord Krishna was the 8th Avatar of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu comes up to in Krishna Avatar to defend the Dharma and increase calm and love on earth. It was given the name of Krishna because of its color (in Sanskrit, krsna means the color of the night, that is, Dark). Krishna is depicted as an attractive young man with bright eyes and divine glow in his "dark or blue" skin playing a flute.

Lord Krishna Avatar Mantra:

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What is Krishna Avatar:

Krishna was the son of Devaki and Vaasudeva. Deavki was the sister of Kansa and the daughter of King Uggarsen of Mathura. King Kansa was a cruel king, he was known for his brutality. He organized the marriage of his sister Devaki with one of the deserved friends Vaasudev. After their marriage, when King Kansa was about to say goodbye to Devaki, Vaasudeva, decided to travel in the matrimonial to the house of Vaasudeva, while waging war in his matrimonial, heard the AakashVani.

Voice from heaven come that he will be killed by the eighth son of Devaki. Upon hearing this, the evil tried to kill Devaki with his sword, but Vaasudeva stops him. Vaasudeva convinced him by saying that they will present their eighth child and that he can do anything to her. Kansa imprisoned Dewaki and Vaasudeva, and even imprisoned his father Uggersen.

When Krishna Avatar appears :

Kamsa imprisoned the couple and he killed each and every child of Devaki and Vaasudev the day he was born piled on the stone. Turn by turn, year after year, Kansa mercilessly killed six children. Now Devaki was pregnant with the seventh child.

Lord Vishnu called the Goddess Mahamaya and asked him to transfer the seventh child from the womb of Devaki to the belly of Rohini. Rohini was Vaasudeva's first wife. Mahamaya did it; she transferred the seventh son of Vaasudeva in the belly of Rohini, who resides in Gokul with Yasodha and Nanda Raj; Nand Raj was the brother of Vaasudeva's law. This seventh child was Balraam, who was very brave and robust. After a year, Devaki was having her eight children in her womb. She gave birth to Krishna in the midnight of Ashtami (a day according to the Hindu calendar, this day is now celebrated as Janamashtami) it was raining a lot. The prison guards were asleep, Devaki and Vaasudeva prayed to God to have mercy on their son and protect him from the evil Kansa, by then Vaasudeva's chains broke and the prison doors opened. The guards slept as if they were dead. Devaki hugged the girl closed to her heart and gave it to Vaasudeva. Vaasudeva took the child and ran towards Gokul. Vaasudeva came to the Yamuna River, saw baskets on the river bank, placed the child in one of the baskets and lifted it over his head. The water of Yamuna flowed wildly; Vaasudeva entered the river to cross it. the level of the water rose higher up Vaasudeva's nose, it seems that Yamuna was anxious to touch Lord Krishna. Krishna touched the river with his foot and instantly the water level began to fall.

Why Krishna Avatar appear:

Kansa was restless, his head was spinning and he felt as if thousands of children were laughing at the pillars of his palace. He called Putna, a terrible demon who can change his Roops (the Roops are forms). Kansa ordered Putana to go to Gokul and kill the babies. Putana took the form of a woman and went to Gokul and one by one began to kill the newborn babies. Putana filled her breasts with poison and continued to feed the babies, when she arrived at Nandraja's place, she saw Krishna and took him to feed him. Bal Krishna sucked his life from his false body and she entered her true form and then died of pain. Yashoda and other ladies heard Putana's loud scream, ran in the direction. They saw Krishna lying on the body of the huge and terrible goddess Putana, Yashoda embraced Krishna and thanked God for saving Krishna from Putana. The news of Putana arrived in Kansa now that he was sure that Krishna was not a normal child. Kansa began to invent new plans to kill Krishna. On the other side, Krishna was enjoying his childhood in Gokul with Balraama and his other friends.

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