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Know why did Vishnu take Matsya Avatar (The Fish) ?

Story of Matsya Avatar


Matsya-avatar of Vishnu - the Preserver of the Universe

This was the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This was in the form of Half fish and a half man. The purpose of this avatar was to save the world from a cosmic flood. It is written that this avatar had saved the world and every creature including the Manu which is the progenitor of a man with the help of a boat made of the Vedas. The story also goes like Matsya had ordered a man to save all the grains and creatures in the boat and he had also forewarned man from the cosmic flood. Matsya also killed the demons who try to steal Vedas and destroy it.

Are you a person who cultivates good habits? What preserves good friendships? Do you reflect on your health, your mood, and your life? To talk about this subject, nothing better than talking about the great Hindu God Vishnu.
India has a huge variety of gods, and three are responsible for the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva respectively. Here, we will talk about Vishnu. Just for understanding, in India, there is a threefold alliance, a sacred principle, called Trimurti.

Lord Matsya Avatar Mantra:

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What Is Matsyavatar and why it appears:

Good King Satyavrat was bathing in the river when a tiny fish went to the palm of his hands shouting "Majesty, protect me!” The king deposited the fish in a coconut shell to live there. The next morning, the fish had grown to fill the coconut, so the king looked for a larger container. The next morning, the fish had grown back to fill the second container, so the king deposited it in a pond, but the next day the fish also filled the pond, and it continued to grow until it filled an entire lake.

Obviously, the king had realized that this fish was not an ordinary animal, so he asked him to reveal his true form, immediately god Vishnu appeared to him, telling him that in 7 days, the whole world would be flooded. "But I will send you a boat, and you will help me repopulate the world. During the next seven days, you must collect each seed of each plant and tree that grows on the ground and the subtle body of each animal species. When I arrive, put them all in the boat. Use the cosmic snake Vasuki, like a rope to tie the boat to my head, and I will take you protected over the waters. "

So at the agreed time, Satyavrat loaded the boat with each seed, medicinal plant and subtle form of all beings. Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu, or Matsyavatar (in his fish form), had recovered the Vedas from the claws of the devil and deposited them safely in the great boat.

While navigating the waters that covered the world Matsy avatar showed Satyavrat divine wisdom, teaching him all about the yoga of knowledge (Jnana), devotion ( bhakti ) and action ( Karma).This discourse is known as the Matsya Purana.

Thus they sailed for thousands of centuries until Brahma awoke. A new world emerged from the ocean, and King Satyavrat became the Manu: the one who dictates the laws, the ruler, and the father of the creatures of that new era.

When Matsyavatar appear :

At the end of the last flood, the superlative Personality of Godhead killed the demon Hayagriva and delivered all Vedic texts to Lord Brahma when he awoke from his sleep. By the mercy of Lord Vishnu, King Satyavrata was enlightened with all Vedic knowledge, and at this present time, he has just been born as Vaivasvata Manu, the son of the sun god.

This story concerning the great king Satyavrata and the incarnation in which the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vishnu, appears in the form of fish is a remarkable transcendental narration. Everyone who hears it frees themselves from the reactions of the sinful life. He who narrates this description of the Matsya incarnation and King Satyavrata will certainly have fulfilled all his ambitions and will no doubt return home, return to the Supreme.

In spite from Matsy-avatar God also appear in many other avatars to save the world.

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