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vamana-avatar - Know Story of vamana-avatar of God Vishnu

Story of Vamana Avatar


A demon king named Bali ruled the entire universe and started abusing it.  The good forces lost the power and it had become almost impossible to defeat King Bali. Taking the form of a monk lord Vishnu enters the court of Bali. Being arrogant and egotist the king demanded whatever the riches the monk wish he will get it. At first, the monk refused to have any wishes. But after being forced by the King he demanded to have three steps of land. The King began to laugh at the dwarf and then granted the wish. The dwarf took the giant avatar and with the first step he covers the entire heavens and with the second step he covers the entire earth and with the third step the entire hell. And then Vamana sent Bali down to rule the underworld and free the entire universe from the demon King Bali.

This was the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is in the form of a tortoise. When the demons and the gods churn the cosmic ocean to produce the nectar of immortality with the help of Vasuki called a serpent. To give support to the churning stick on his back Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise. But in the process of producing nectar of immortality from the milk of ocean both nectar and poison had been produced. The demon steal the nectar and then to take nectar from the demon lord Vishnu again took the avatar of Mohini and get that nectar back.

Lord Vamana Avatar Mantra:

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Story of Lord Vishnu avatar of Vamana

Lord Vishnu had a total of 10 avatars of which Vamana Avatar was his fifth incarnation in the Treta-Yuga to protect the kingdom of Indra. This is the first avatar where Lord Vishnu incarnated in human form who is also a dwarf priest.
The avatar of Vamana begins with Mahabali, King Asura. Mahabali was Prahlada's grandson and Virochana's son.
After the brewing of the ocean, the gods became immortal and powerful. Indra's beaten Daityaraj Bali and of Asuras.
On One day Daityaraj Bali go to meet Rishi Shukracharya and enquire him, “Rishi Shukracharya, please explain me a means to recover all my powers and my empire."

Hearing the words of Bali, Acharya replied, "You must perform the Mahabhishek Vishwajeet Yagya, to recover all your powers."

Bali agreed to do Yagya under the supervision of Shukracharya. After the yagya, Bali received a gold chariot fired by four houses at the speed of the wind. He also received a quiver with many arrows, a flag pole with a lion's head and celestial armor. In addition to these things, Shukracharya gave him a garland of ever-expanding flowers and a conch shell whose battle cry was astounding. Then Bali went to fight against Indra. This time, Daityaraj Bali won the battle and Indra fled the battlefield. Bali again asked Shukracharya to maintain its victorious position. Shukracharya believed, "If you carry on performing yagyas, you will guide a fearless and influential life. You should also give alms to the poor and brahmins. "

Bali has easily agreed to do this. Meanwhile, Indra approached Acharya Brihaspati to learn a way to recover the powers of God. Acharya Brihaspati asked Indra to seek help from Lord Vishnu. Now, Indra began to do penance to please Lord Vishnu. Maharishi Kashyap's wife, Aditi, who was Indra's mother, saw her son in trouble and turned to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu said, "I will help you, Devmata. I am going to kill Bali. "

And so, Aditi gave birth to a boy. She called him Vamana. One day, Vamana pretended to be a Brahmin and went to the place where Shukracharya and Daityaraj Bali were performing a yagya. Bali welcomed the Brahmin and said, "How can I help you, young Brahmin?"

The lord in form of Brahman said, "I have heard a lot regarding about what you offering alms to the Brahmins, I do not desire wealth or luxury, I just need the land that covers all three stages.

Everyone present was surprised to hear the brahman's request. The Asuras laughed at the boy's request. Daityaraj Bali agreed to give him what he wanted. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, the young Brahmin began to grow. Soon, he was bigger than the planet Earth itself. He took a big step and put it on Earth to claim it and said, "Now the earth is mine." Then he took the second step and placed it on Amravati, which was under the control of Bali, and said, "Now it is Amravati, it is mine." Amravati was also under the possession of the Brahmin. Then Brahman asks, "king Bali, where should I place my last step? Earth and Heaven are already mine. Now there is no room. Shukracharya warns Bali: "Take care, Bali, I'm sure this brahman is not an ordinary boy, he's probably Vamana, Lord Vishnu himself, do not let him take the third step, otherwise you'll lose everything. But Bali said, “Brahman devta I offer you my whole word. I cannot come back. "The Asuras and the Daitya heard that and came to attack Vamana, but they could not hurt him at all.

King Bali then say, "as there is nothing left, keeps your third step on my head."

Hearing the words of Bali, Lord Vishnu appeared as such and said, "I bless you, Bali, and from now on you will lead Pataal Lok forever.

So Bali went to Pataal Lok. Indra and the other gods arrested Amravati because of Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

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