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Varaha Avatar-Highly Powerful and Benevolent

Story of Varaha Avatar


The third avatar of Vishnu was in the form of Boar. The Varaha is avatar of Vishnu is depicted to be either a full boar form There is a story that a demon named Hiranyaksha dragged the earth to the bottom of the cosmic ocean and than Varaha with his tusks raised the earth out of the water after defeating Hiranyaksha and the battle between these two last for 1,000 years.

Varah Avatar is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, in this avatar of Lord; Shri Hari protects religion by ending sinners. Varah reveals this avatar of Avatar Jayanti Lord. On this occasion of birth, devotees follow the Bhagavad-Kirtan and fasting and fasting of God. This year, Varah Jayanti will be celebrated on September 1, 2019.

For the welfare of the world, the Lord Vishnu takes many avatars. This fast of Lord Varaha is a pleasure, wealth generator and welfare.

When celebrate the Varah avatar day

Those devotees who are fasting on the day of Magha Shukla Dwadashi, by the name of Lord Varaha, are awake and their sleeping fates are awakened.

Lord Varaha Avatar Mantra:

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Varaha Jayanti Story :

When Hiranya and Hiranyakshipu were born in the form of twins from Datti's, the earth trembled from their birth, constellation and folk rolling in the sky, fierce waves began to rise in the sea, it was known as the catastrophe arrived. Such a horror is born of both of these.

Both of these monsters grew up. Their body became as stubborn and strong as the thunderbolt, both were strong, and wanted to achieve unexception and immortality in the world, therefore both Hiranyaksh and Hiranyakshipu harsh harshness to please Brahmaji, they are pleased with their penance, Brahma ji saw them Asked to give a boon, the brothers asked for this wipe that the Lord could not defeat us in any war or kill him.Brahma Ji gave this gift to him and his people went away. By taking a boon from Brahma Ji, Hiranya became even more disobedient and autocratic; she started doing many atrocities to prove herself the best in all the three worlds.

After seeing the three people reaching the Indralok, they saw the right of Hiranyakt all over the IndraLok. After this, the demon Hirayaksha reached the city of Varuna in the walled city, and Varun Dev challenged for the war; Varun Dev got angry when he heard the word of Hiranyakshi but pushing his anger in the heart, he smiled calmly and said that you may be a great warrior and a brave warrior But no more than Shri Vishnu, there is anyone except Lord Vishnu who is great, so go to him; he can fight with you and defeat you. After listening to Varun's description, Hiranyak becomes very angry and goes out in search of Lord Vishnu, from Deorshi Narad, he realizes that Lord Vishnu has gone to take the form of Varah this time and to take away the earth from the abyss. Then the diamond reached the abyss under the sea. There he saw that Varah is taking the earth on his teeth and lifting it. The monster prevents Varah from carrying a terrible word in a rude language.

While unheard of the harsh words of the diamond, Lord Vishnu keeps on moving ahead for the earth on the teeth in the form of pilgrimage. The giant does not leave the Lord behind the barah, he calls them shameless, cowardly, animal, an inferior sinner, but by God, the earth exits from the abyss and establishes it over the sea.

Seeing the effect of his talk on Varah does not have the effect of the matter, he attacks the Lord Vishnu with a grizzly hand and then snatches the mace from God's hands and throws it away. He tries to kill Lord Vishnu with trident and tries to kill Lord Vishnu Sudarshan In the middle, there is a fierce battle between Lord Varah and Hiranyak, which breaks the Trident of Hiranyaksha by the Chakra and in the end Bhagwan neither is killed Hirnyaksh from Warah hands.

Varaha Jayanti (Dvashashi) Fast Legislation | Rituals to observe fast of Varaha Jayanti:

Those devotees, who keep fasting for the birth anniversary of Varaha Jayanti, should resolve the date of birth anniversary and establish a statue of Lord Varah in a vase. After establishing God, he should worship God Varaha with heresy, including law, law. Keeping the fast all night, you should hear and hear the story of the avatars of Lord Vishnu by awakening in the night. On the day of Triodshi, after worshiping Lord Varah in Kalash, you should immerse yourself. After immersion, the statue should be donated to Brahman or Acharya.

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